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March 15, 2022
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Discover the benefits of getting dental crowns and bridges for your smile.

Accidents happen! Yes, even to your smile. Whether you are dealing with extensive decay, or a cracked or broken tooth, Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler at Dental Choice in Easton, MD, are here to tell you how getting dental crowns and bridges could turn your smile around.

What are crowns and bridges?

These fixed dental restorations are custom-made just for you. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to improve its function and appearance while a dental bridge is used to fill gaps and replace one or more missing teeth.

Why might I get a crown?

A crown is a very versatile restoration that can be used to protect a tooth from further damage. A tooth weakened by decay, infection, or trauma can often benefit from getting a crown. A crown will surround the tooth and provide a stronger and more durable outer layer of protection.

A crown may be recommended if you have a cracked, fractured, or broken tooth, if you have a tooth that is badly misshapen or discolored, or if you just underwent root canal therapy.

When are dental bridges needed?

A dental bridge is a fixed oral prosthetic that is designed to replace a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. A bridge uses two dental crowns, which are placed over healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. The bridge, which contains false teeth, will be fused with the crowns to anchor the artificial teeth in the middle.

Dental crowns and bridges offer an array of benefits, from treating tooth loss and filling gaps left behind by missing teeth, to protecting teeth from further damage and improving the aesthetics of your smile. 

Do you want to know more about dental crowns, bridges, and other restorative dentistry options we offer? If so, all you have to do is call Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler at Dental Choice in Easton, MD. You can reach our office at 410-822-4310.

Don't hide your smile, improve it! Cosmetic dentistry in Easton, MD, can help give you the confidence to smile again. Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler of Dental Choice offer a variety of cosmetic treatments for all your dental needs.

Teeth Whitening

The first thing that most people who want to improve their smile think about is teeth whitening. Regular brushing keeps your teeth healthy, but for a truly bright white smile, you should consider professional whitening. In-office whitening only takes an hour and brightens your smile by up to eight shades.


If you have chipped or cracked teeth your dentist may recommend this treatment. Using a dental bonding material, your dentist will fill and reshape your damaged teeth. 

Dental Veneers

Veneers are another alternative to enhance your smile, provided by your cosmetic dentist in Easton, MD. They are thin shells that cover the front surface of your teeth to cover imperfections and give you a perfect smile.

Dental Implants

If you have one or more teeth that can't be repaired with bonding or veneers or have a gap in your smile, dental implants are an excellent option because they can replace one or more teeth. Titanium posts are affixed to the patient's jaw and it is on these that the replacement crown is bonded, making for a very long-lasting addition to your smile.

Your dentist can find the best combination of cosmetic treatments specifically for you.

Don't Delay

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry treatments in Easton, MD, please give Dr. Phillips and Dr. Dressler of Dental Choice a call today at (410) 822-4310. 


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September 14, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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How porcelain veneers from your dentists in Easton, MD, can enhance your smile

Does your smile need a little renewal? If so, you have a lot of company, and that’s why cosmetic dentistry is such a fast-growing service. One of the most popular ways to renew your smile is with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers can cover up a wide variety of minor and major flaws with your teeth and smile.

Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler of Dental Choice in Easton, MD, offer a wide variety of family and cosmetic dentistry, including porcelain veneers, to enhance your smile.

So, what’s so special about porcelain veneers? It turns out veneer treatment is conservative because your dentist removes little to no tooth structure. Veneers are beautiful laminates that fit right over the front of your existing teeth, and porcelain offers some amazing benefits like these:

  • It’s light-reflective, just like natural tooth enamel
  • It looks just like a natural tooth structure
  • It’s stain-resistant, giving you years of sparkling beauty

Porcelain veneers hide a wide variety of dental issues, including:

  • Small or large cracks and fracture lines
  • Small or large chips or other damage
  • Excessive tooth wear and abrasion
  • Blotches and stains from medications, smoking, or coffee

Porcelain veneers can also help cosmetically hide some alignment and tooth positioning issues, including:

  • Closing small gaps or uneven spacing between teeth
  • Making rotated, twisted teeth appear straighter
  • Minimizing the appearance of tooth overlap

Porcelain veneers typically require between 2 and 3 appointments, including a consultation appointment. Your dentist may even be able to give you a sneak peek of what your veneers will look like before you begin treatment.

Thanks to porcelain veneers, it’s never been easier to renew and remake your smile and get the perfect smile you want and deserve.

To learn more about the magic of porcelain veneers and how they can enhance your smile, call Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler of Dental Choice in Easton, MD, at (410) 822-4310. Call today!

Missing, damaged, or decayed teeth can affect the function, health, and appearance of your smile, but you don't have to live with a less than perfect grin. From cracks to chips to gaps in your smile, crowns and bridges can restore your oral health and the look of your teeth.

Family dentists Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler of Dental Choice in Easton, MD, offer crowns and bridges that leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

What are bridges?

Bridges replace a tooth that has fallen out or requires removal, filling the void with an artificial tooth. Bridges, also known as partial dentures, consist of an artificial tooth, tinted, sized, and shaped to match your natural tooth, which is supported by and bonded to the neighboring teeth. A bridge not only completes your smile so it looks great, but it prevents bacterial growth and infection from developing in the empty space. Brushing, chewing, and biting will likely be more comfortable and easier now that your tooth has been replaced.

What are crowns?

Crowns are coverings for a tooth that is cracked, chipped, jagged, severely discolored, or has a cavity that can't be filled. Made of durable ceramic or resin, a crown is custom-made to fit snugly over the tooth to conceal imperfections and protect the tooth. Your family dentist at our Easton, MD, office will start by buffing away some of the surface areas of the affected tooth before attaching the crown with permanent cement. Your dentist will make any needed adjustments so the crown blends in with your tooth and looks and feels natural. You will be able to bite, chew and brush comfortably.

How do I care for crowns or bridges?

As both crowns and bridges are long-lasting and strong, you can brush and floss like normal. Make sure to also make regular appointments for dental exams and professional cleanings to keep your entire smile healthy.

Make an appointment with your family dentists  Dr. Phillips and Dr. Dressler of Dental Choice in Easton, MD, today by calling (410) 822-4310.

By Dental Choice
December 29, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

How cosmetic dentistry services from your dentists in Easton, MD can help your smile.

If you want to dramatically enhance your smile, your dentist has the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s called cosmetic dentistry, and the services available can change your smile from boring to extraordinary.

Dr. Irving M. Phillips Jr. and Dr. Wade P. Dressler of Dental Choice in Easton, MD offer cosmetic dentistry services to help your smile.

This is just a small sample of the cosmetic dentistry services available at Dental Choice:

  • Professional teeth whitening; this is an excellent choice if your smile is stained, dull, or yellow. This type of whitening treatment is completely safe and can whiten and brighten your smile up to 8 shades. You will be amazed at your results, which can last up to an astounding 5 years!
  • Dental implants; this tooth replacement solution is the closest alternative to having your natural teeth. Dental implants are the go-to solution to make your smile whole again. They both look and function like natural teeth, and you clean them like natural teeth too, by simply brushing and flossing. They also help to conserve and maintain bone, giving you a firmer jawline and more youthful face!
  • Porcelain veneers; are thin laminates of sparkling, spectacular porcelain that are cemented onto the front surfaces of your teeth. They can hide both minor and major flaws like fracture lines, areas of lost tooth structure, tooth wear, chips, and other problems. Porcelain is stain resistant too, which means your new veneers will stay looking bright and beautiful for years!

To view a complete list of cosmetic dentistry services available from your dentists at Dental Choice, please visit the Cosmetic Dentistry section on the website at

Cosmetic dentistry is the answer to achieving an outstanding smile quickly and easily. Dr. Irving M. Phillips Jr. and Dr. Wade P. Dressler of Dental Choice in Easton, MD can make it happen. Call (410) 822-4310 right now to start on your beautiful smile!