By Dental Choice
April 24, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: tooth loss  

Is an empty space from a missing tooth causing you to be concerned about your appearance? Are you having trouble chewing? Are you suffering from altered speech? If so, you are probably looking for the perfect solution to replace missing teeth. Dr. Irving Phillips and Dr. Wade Dressler at Dental Choice in Easton, MD, are here to help find the right solution for you.

Problems with tooth loss

  • Teeth help to stimulate the jaw bone. If you are missing teeth, the bone that supported them is no longer stimulated and will deteriorate.
  • Missing teeth will leave gaps for the remaining teeth to shift and move. This shifting can impact your entire bite.
  • Bite irregularities impact the health of your remaining teeth, your gums, your head and neck, your jaw muscles and joints.
  • Gaps between your teeth can cause ineffective chewing, which then can affect digestion.
  • Your teeth support the structure and shape of your face. Missing teeth can impact facial aesthetics.
  • Missing teeth can affect your speech, making it difficult to pronounce certain words. You may experience slurring, whistling or even spitting when speaking.

At Dental Choice in Easton, MD, we can help you avoid all these issues. There are different ways to replace missing teeth, restore proper functioning, and regain your beautiful smile.

Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically positioned into your jawbone. After the implant has been placed, it fuses with the bone over several months, acting as the root for the missing tooth. A dental crown, bridge, or dentures can then be attached to the implant. The process of fusing the implant with the bone (osseointegration) supports the jaw bone as much as the crown.

Dental implants offer an alternative to dentures or bridgework without implants. Because they are inserted into the bone, they have the advantage that they don’t slip while you chew or talk. Compared with bridges, where the neighbor teeth could be compromised, implants do not harm the surrounding teeth

To learn more about how we at Dental Choice in Easton, MD, can help restore full functionality to your smile with dental implants, call us at (410) 822-4310.