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March 25, 2020
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When deciding to replace damaged or missing teeth, you have an array of options these days, with one of the most popular options being dental implants. Put simply, they can provide unique benefits that other treatments for tooth restoration can’t. Read on to learn more, and to determine your candidacy for implant treatment, you can consult with one of our dentists, Dr. Irving Phillips Jr. or Dr. Wade Dressler, here at Dental Choice in Easton, MD.

Dental Implants Support Your Adjacent Teeth

The spaces left in your mouth due to tooth loss could result in your other teeth shifting positions, causing misalignment, and in turn, problems with your bite. Conversely, implants will effectively fill in these spaces, maintaining your straight smile.

Dental Implants Prevents Loss of Jawbone

When you are missing any teeth, you increase your chances of losing jawbone mass because it requires the stimulation from your teeth roots. The only teeth restoration option that can replace the teeth roots and its action are implants.

Dental Implants Restores Your Bite Force

Since implants will be anchored into the jawbone, they will enable you to once again bite with virtually the same amount of bite force you used to apply before you lost your teeth. Other teeth restoration treatments are not capable of restoring your full bite force since they will only be placed atop your gums and not really anchored into the jawbone.

Dental Implants Prevents Your Face Shape from Changing

The teeth help in supporting the facial structure, so when you are missing teeth, you lose some of that support. Over time, your face will change shape and make you look older than your actual age. Fortunately, implants can offer the same support provided by your real teeth and help prevent your face shape from changing.

Dental Implants Can Match Your Real Teeth

Implants come in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and shades. You’ll work together with your dentist in Easton, MD, to design dental implants that will perfectly match your surrounding teeth’s color and fit in the gap perfectly.

Dental Implants Enables Proper Speech

Some teeth replacement treatments could affect how you speak. Plus, missing teeth could likewise change how you speak. Since implants work and feel like your real teeth, they allow you to talk more naturally and easily.

Get All The Unique Benefits That Dental Implants Offer Now.

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