A crown is a cap or covering that fits over a decayed or damaged tooth. It can even replace a tooth if bridgework is involved. The crown restorative dentistrycovers a tooth above the gum line and is different from a veneer that covers the front of a tooth. An Easton, Maryland family dentist such as Dr. Irving Phillips or Dr. Wade Dressler can examine a patient and determine if crowns or bridges will help their teeth.

More About Crowns and Bridges

If a tooth is missing a lot of its structure above the gum line, a crown is a good choice. Crowns help to strengthen damaged teeth and allow them to function normally again. They are hard to detect in the mouth and can be designed in order to improve a tooth’s original appearance altogether. Crowns generally take two dental visits. At the first visit to your Easton, Maryland family dentist, the tooth is prepared to receive the crown. This means it is shaped to fit inside the covering.

After the tooth is prepared, impressions are taken to send to the dental lab. These impressions will guide the technician to create the crown. A temporary crown is placed to protect the tooth until the permanent one is ready. The second visit will be when the crown is attached to the tooth.

In terms of a bridge, crowns are used to span the space of missing teeth that require at least three crowns. Two of the crowns are placed over healthy teeth on each side known as abutment teeth. The third crown is placed in the middle. Crowns and bridgework should be cared for just like natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

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